Apollo Live

Hello! It’s Bek here! I haven’t been on my blog recently and I’m thinking of changing it into a writing/blogging diary. Kinda like a life log. Very recently, our school presented our school production called, ‘Apollo Live’. It was basically a talk show. I was lucky enough to be cast as one of the actors. I was a news presenter named Mary. I would say she’s an exciting, smart, annoying person. There were 9 main cast in total. The school production was a HUGE success and I wish to do it again! 😁


Christmas Stories

I’m just going to be posting my old drafts since we don’t use our blogs anymore!

Presents! Presents! All Grade 1’s think during Christmas is food and PRESENTS! My buddy’s name is Chloe and she is the cutest! We’ve shared books and creations together over the year. I think the buddy program at our school is a magnificent idea.

For the past month or so, 5V has secretly been making Christmas stories for our buddies. My story is about Chloe’s journey from the North Pole to Australia…shared too much! See ya! Stay safe! -Bek



GST at Faith’s.

Today we worked on finding the GST. The GST is the amount of tax given to the government. A customer came to Faith’s (a made up shop) and bought many items. Our task was to work out the GST. The GST takes up 10% of the amount you pay. (Excluding necessities and basics) Enjoy!


Yesterday we worked on creating an account. Mr Per Tic U La (made up person) opened an account with the Mushy National Mushroom Bank (also made-up). His account spanned over about half a month, mainly for preparation for a very special occasion.

image Bank statements show you what you have spent with your money for the past month. If you are unsure of what you have spent or want to keep track of your budget, bank statements are the thing!

– Rebekah





Leadership isn’t easy, but at the same time isn’t hard. As Grade 5’s, leadership is the best skill to have. When I was Prep, the ‘older kids’ were the people we looked up to. Now, I’m in Grade 5!

Be confident and persist
If things don’t go your way, doesn’t matter! There is always going to be another opportunity for you to implement your ideas somewhere another day.

2. Set a good example by being a good role model
Just as I said, I’m in Grade 5 already! As the ‘older kids’ younger ones look up to us. If we set a good example, they will do the correct things as well.

3. Listen
You know what really gets on my nerves? When people just want to say what they want to say! To become a leader, you must learn to listen to wiser leaders. Listen to the people you look up to. No…not celebrities, but wiser people. Like teachers. I do!

4. Encourage others, and be with them. Like others would with you!
Mrs Montgomery told us about how her Assistant Principal rejoiced her new job at our school. Mrs Montgomery and she had been friends for 20 years! She was also sad that Mrs Montgomery was going to leave. Now that is being encouraging!

5. Sense of humour
It’s interesting why having a sensible sense of humour is a skill. Being fun and friendly gives a good impression. Who doesn’t like a good joke?

I think I got leadership skills down on this post! Make sure you be a good leader! -Bek


Our task this week is to explore homophones. Yes, English is the hardest language to learn, mainly because of homophones. What are homophones? This is the actual dictionary definition: 

A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning, and may differ in spelling. The words may be spelled the same, such as rose (flower) and rose (past tense of “rise”), or differently, such as carat, caret, and carrot, or to, two, and too.


We were told to write and list as many homophones as we can. Get ready to be tounge-tied!

reign, rain ~ their, there, they’re ~ main, mane ~ great, grate ~ roar, raw ~ so, sew ~ through, threw ~ be, bee ~ where, wear ~ pair, pear ~ wait, weight ~ air, heir ~ allowed, aloud ~ isle, I’ll ~ red, read ~ ad, add ~ liar, lyre ~ saw, sore, saw ~ loan, lone ~ farther, father ~ ball, bawl ~ medal, meddle ~ made, maid ~ 

Haiku Poems

This term we have been looking at the beautiful art of poetry. Poetry is very emotional, touching the soft spot for even the toughest. 


Best friend in disguise.

A love compared to nothing.

Bond like no other.


Sand flying around.

Watch memories fly away,

Mourning til morning.


Wait for the flowers,

As Summer tiptoes closer.

Blue skies turn orange.

I hope you enjoyed these poems. -Rebekah

Science – Shadows

This week we cast our shadows and traced around them. We compared the different shapes of our shadows during different times of the day. During the first tracing it was 11:48. Our shadows were in the middle. At 12:34pm our shadows had shrunk and moved to the left. Here they are-